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I have been blessed with the opportunities to work with great researchers. I have been influenced by many of them (particularly Paul Milgram, Bill Buxton and John Senders when I was a graduate student) and hope to influence others to do good and useful research.


Research colleagues at Google (2011 ~)

Great many research colleagues at Google.  Philip Quinn, Seungyon Claire Lee, Xiaojun Bi, Tom Ouyang, Kurt Partridge, Yang Li, Ciprian Chelba, ...


Research colleagues at IBM Almaden (1996~2010)

Many research colleagues in the IBM Almaden Research Center. Co-authored papers with Barton Smith, Johnny Accot, Ted SelkerEser KandoganPaul MaglioJeff Pierce, Steve WhittakerTom Moran and others.


Postdoctoral fellows

Xiaojun Bi, advanced gesture keyboard and touch tapping modeling, 2012

Caroline Appertcognitive benefits and toolkit support of gesture UI, 2007~2008

Johnny Accot, laws of action, 2000 ~ 2003


PhD students

Per Ola Kristensson, primary thesis advisor, Linköping University, Sweden, 2002~2007 (including Master's and license degrees)

Tue Haste Andersen, advisor of portions of his PhD work, University of Copenhagen, 2004


PhD committees served on as examiner/reader

Ying Liu, 2010, Tampere, Finland

Manu Kumar, 2007, Stanford

Jacob Wobbrock, 2006, CMU

Poika Isokoski, 2004, U. Tampere


Graduate Interns (topic, year, school)

I frequently and periodically host (or co-host) and work with interns on exploratory research projects, typically during the summer. The ideal candidates should have strong technical skills and a passion for innovative and deep research in the areas of my current interest.


___At Google (2011 ~ )___

Tianshi Li (2018) Phrasewriter

Mitchell Gordon (2017) Haptics

Jingjie Zheng (2017), Mobile marking menu (M3)

Wenxin Feng (2017), Deep touch ML 

Premal Nair (2016), Adaptive touch surface typing (Flex 10)

Mitchell Gordon (2015), WatchWriter

Shyam Reyal (2015), Text input error correction

Brian Smith (2014), Gesture Typing layout

Andrew Fowler (2013), Language Modelling and Personalization in the mobile keyboard

Ying Yin, Adaptive text input (2012) MIT

Philip Quinn, Suggestion UI (2012) U Canterbury

Kun Li, Mobile Gesture Menu (2012) U Colorado Boulder

Shiri Azenkot, Mobile Keyboard Touch Patterns (2011) UW

Lawrence Diao, Mobile Touch Keyboard (2011) Princeton U

Kun Li, Mobile Gesture Keyboard (2011) U Colorado Boulder



___At IBM Research (1996 - 2010)___

Patti Bao, smartphones business use, 2010, Northwestern U

Kimberlly Weaver, mobile information preview, 2010, from Georgia Tech

Seungyon Clare Lee, touchscreen soft button performance, 2007, from Georgia Tech

Xiang Cao, CLC model of gesture complexity, 2006, from U. Toronto

Per Ola Kristensson, ShapeWriter, 2003, 2004, from Linköping University, Sweden

Paul Lee, soft keyboard skill acquisition, 2000

Michael Hunter, graphical keyboard optimization, 1999

Johnny Accot, steering law, 1998, U. of Toulouse, France

Eser Kandogan, 3D VR navigation, 1997, U. Maryland



Academic visitors

Andy Cockburn, 2006

Yves Guiard

Xiangshi Ren


Hosts of my academic visits/sabbatical/guest professorship

Yuanchun Shi, Tsinghua U, China, 2004

Michel Beaudouin-Lafon, U Paris-Sud, France, 2002

Sture Hägglund, Linköping U, Sweden, 2001~2002

Kerstin Severinson-Eklundh, KTH Royal Inst. Technology, Sweden, 2001~2002

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